The Mouth of the Platte River And Platte Bay Sunrise on Lake Michigan

May 2, 2013

The mouth of the Platte River where it empties into Platte bay on Lake Michigan in Benzie County is a favorite place of mine for a sunrise. The sun usually rises right off the mouth of the river so you get a nice directional composition. At some times of the year there are a lot of fishermen that launch their boats at the park here and there is a non stop stream of boats and fishermen on the river and a lot of people on the banks. I suppose that could make a nice photo too but i prefer the solitude of the river and the lake with few people around. This is a two shot panoramic stitch with a Nikon D700, 24-70mm lens, processed in Adobe Bridge and adjusted Photoshop CS6..

This is a shot just down the beach from where the Platte River enters Lake Michigan. There was a small pool of water and I framed this shot with a knuckle of wind worn wood from a tree in the foreground. It was a lovely and warm sunrise for this time of year. Nikon D700 with a 14-24mm lens, processed in Adobe Bridge and adjusted Photoshop CS6.

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This post was written by Steve Loveless Photography